Unsolved Murders

Jason Paul

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 2 Oct 2000

Place: Convent Way, Southall

Jason Paul was stabbed outside a block of flats in Convent Way, Southall at about 2pm on 2 October 2000.

The police said that they were looking to trace six to eight Asian men aged between 20 and 25, that were seen in the area a while earlier at about 1.30pm.

Seven people were arrested on 2 October 2000 but no one was charged.

No murder weapon was ever found.

He had been stabbed 19 times.

His girlfriend had lived in a flat near where he was found. He had just been to see her and his 3-month old daughter.

He was then going off to see some friends.

He lived elsewhere with his family in Southall.

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