Unsolved Murders

Natalie Pearman

Age: 16

Sex: female

Date: 20 Nov 1992

Place: Ringland Hills, Norwich, Norfolk

Natalie Pearman was murdered and dumped in woodland at Ringland Hills, Norwich on 20 November 1992.

She was last seen alive a couple of hours earlier at 1.15am on 20 November 1992 in Rouen Road, Norwich.

She had been suffocated.

She was been found by a lorry driver at about 3.50am on 20 November 1992 after he stopped in a layby through the wood whilst on his way to work. The location of the layby in Ringland Hills was about five miles away from Rouen Road.

Natalie Pearman had been working as a prostitute in the Norwich red light district and taking drugs at the time of her death and the police said that there were signs that she had been involved in sexual activity shortly before she was murdered.

The police said that they found semen in her body and also on her undergarments from which they were later able to collect a DNA sample.

In a 2011 appeal the police said that they and an anonymous caller who said that they had seen Natalie Pearman in King Street shortly before she was murdered and appealed for the caller to come forward to see what other information they might have.

The police later said that they thought that there were similarities between Natalie Pearman's murder and the unsolved murders of:

  • Karen McGegor 26, Glasgow.
  • Carol Calrk 22, Bristol.
  • Karen McGregor 26, Glasgow.

A detective said, 'We are not looking for a serial killer. I cannot say at this stage that there is a link between the murders, only similarities.

In November 2017 the police said that advances in DNA analysis taken from the scene had led them to developing a DNA profile and stated that all that was left was the simple matter of matching it to the murderer. 

A policewoman said, 'There are people who know, or strongly suspect, who was responsible and I'm sure that plays heavily on their consciences. All we need is a name and we will do the rest'.

The police said that during their investigation they had interviewed more than 4,000 people and taken DNA samples from more than 680 people, noting that most of them were men.

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