Unsolved Murders

Fanny Elston

Age: 27

Sex: female

Date: 28 Aug 1917

Place: Spencer Street, Lincoln

Fanny Elston died from blood poisoning following an abortion.

She was admitted to the County Hospital in Lincoln on 20 August 1917 and died the following day.

She had first complained of feeling unwell to her landlady on 14 August 1917 and she went to bed. A doctor attended her the next day and she was later sent to hospital.

A local chemist said that about three weeks earlier he had been stood outside his shop when he had met Fanny Elston who had told him that she was in serious trouble and told him something else. The chemist said that he had told her that she had done a very foolish thing and advised her to consult a doctor, telling her that she would probably kill herself.

She had lived on Spencer Street for about three years and had lately been working on munitions.