Unsolved Murders

Sarah Ann Tester

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 28 Aug 1917

Place: Shoreham

Sarah Ann Tester was found dead in a meadow with a head injury.

She had been lodging in Shoreham for the last three weeks although her home was in Tunbridge Wells.

Her body was found by a gardener in the field not far from the railway station.

Her inquest stated that her head wounds could not have been self-inflicted and that she had died from concussion of the brain following a terrific blow on the face.

At the house she had been lodging at she used a false name and gave her occupation as dressmaker.

Letters were found at her lodgings addressed to her proper name.

Whilst she was there she had been visited by a soldier in the Canadian Engineers and was said to have also met other soldiers.

A solider said that he had met her on the Friday night and said goodbye to her outside the camp soon after 9pm. It was a quarter of an hours walk from the camp to Raven's Road.

Later that night at around 11pm a woman who lived opposite the meadow said that she heard voices coming from there and then afterwards a deep-toned cough.

An open verdict was returned.