Unsolved Murders

William Ewart Bamford

Age: 28

Sex: male

Date: 4 Feb 1914

Place: Manchester

William Ewart Bamford died in the Dearnley Workhouse Infirmary from what were thought to be injuries that he had sustained two years earlier when he was thought to have been attacked in Manchester.

He was a brokers agent and had lived in Hare Place, Rochdale.

On 20 April 1912, he had gone to Manchester and had returned home at about 11.30pm in a taxi cab bleeding about the face.

At first he didn't say what had happened by later said that he had been attacked in Manchester.

He was treated for his injuries by a doctor and sent to the Rochdale Infirmary and after being there some time was sent home.

He was later admitted to the Dearnley Workhouse Infirmary in 27 September 1913 where he stayed until he died.

At his post-mortem, the doctor stated that he saw evidence of an operation having been carried out on William Bamford. He said that there were holes in the vault of his skull through which a mass of brain substance was protruding. He said that in the larger pieces of brain substance there was an abscess from which pus was exuding and that there was an external discharge of the matter. He said that death was caused by the result of weakening by the discharge from the abscess and exhaustion.