Unsolved Murders

John Egan

Age: 61

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jan 1930

Place: Queens Park Hospital, Blackburn

John Egan was found dead in the pond at Queen's Park Hospital.

He had been an inmate at the workhouse for some time and had disappeared on 1 January 1930 along with three other men. He was later found floating in the pond on 1 February 1930 by a member of the staff.

He was a native of Ireland and a general labourer.

He had lodged in William henry Street until 1 September 1929 after which he was admitted to the workhouse. He had been in the mental ward between 30 September 1929 and 10 October 1929 but was not certified as a lunatic and had never been heard to threaten his own life.

However, he had told another inmate that he desired change and wanted to get out of the workhouse.

On the day he vanished three other men were also missed.

His body was found in the water by the lodge. The lodge was bounded on one side by the laundry and on the other side by a wall varying in height from 2ft. 6in. to 7ft. surmounted by barbed wire.

The task master at the lodge said that he did not think that John Egan had fallen in accidently trying to escape as he had known his way about.

The Workhouse Master said that John Egan was a decent sort of chap and thought that he had gone on the tramp. He said that John Egan's only trouble was that he wanted work and so for that reason they didn't take a warrant out for his arrest. He said that the matter was reported to the police with the intimation that the workhouse authorities did not want him arrested, but merely that he should be asked to return to take away his clothes. The Workhouse Master also said however that John Egan had also not asked for his discharge or for leave.

The Coroner noted that when John Egan's body was found he was still holding his cap in his hand and said that if suicide had been his object he would probably have thrown it onto the bank.

An open verdict was returned.

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