Unsolved Murders

Albert Kershaw

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 4 Oct 1930

Place: Wellingborough

Albert Kershaw was knocked down by a car near Wellingborough.

He was found on the road suffering from internal injuries after he stopped a lorry near a level crossing and taken to Northampton Hospital where he died. He said that he had been knocked down by a motor car.

A note was found on him giving his particulars such as his name and address and also reference to the fact that he suffered from fits.

When he was admitted to the hospital he complained of great pain in his stomach. An operation was performed and it was found that his liver was ruptured.

His post-mortem found that both livers were also ruptured and that his spleen had been dislodged and also ruptured.

The lorry driver that found him had worked for Express Transport Co. and had been returning from London. He was travelling along the Irchester to Wollaston road at about 11.15pm through the rain when he saw Albert Kershaw step out in front of his headlights and wave his hands. The lorry driver said that he wasn't going to stop but his mate saw blood on Albert Kershaw's face and so he stopped.

He said that Albert Kershaw said 'They got me'. The lorry driver said that he asked who and that Albert Kershaw replied 'The motor, the motor'.

Another driver from the Express Transport Co. said that he had also driven along the same route earlier at 11.20pm. He said that he remembered dipping his lights to cross the railway crossing but didn't notice anyone or see any other vehicles between Wollaston and Wellingborough. He said that if his lorry had passed over any man he would have felt it and said they felt no bump.

When Albert Kershaw was seen by a policeman he had blood on his face and complained of pains in his stomach. The policeman asked Albert Kershaw what had happened and said that Albert Kershaw replied 'They've got me, the motor car knocked me down'.

The police were unable to find any marks on the road and found no blood or damage on either of the lorries.

He was from Lake View in Rochdale.

The piece of paper found on him said 'Albert Kershaw, 21 years old. Born 1908, near Rochdale. At eight years went to stay Rochdale with man until I was 17 years. Went on the road to London, when I had a fit. Get them every four weeks. Have stayed infirmary Rochdale, Stockport, Birmingham and Lutterworth'.

The jury returned a verdict of death from haemorrhage following severe injuries received through being knocked down by a vehicle. There was not sufficient evidence to show who was the driver or what kind of vehicle it was.

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