Unsolved Murders

Jason Bird

Age: 16

Sex: male

Date: 26 Apr 2007

Place: Drumbottie Road, Balornock

Jason Bird was stabbed to death at 8pm on Thursday 26 April 2007.

Three people were said to have been convicted in relation to the attack but the convictions are not detailed and could be for lesser offences.

In January 2015 Jason Bird's brother John Paul Bird was convicted of the murder of John Bulloch and in his defence he said that he was suffering an abnormality of mind resulting in an inability to control his conduct after the stress caused by the murder of his brother.

Jason Bird and his friend were attacked by a number of youths as they walked along Drumbottie Road. Jason Bird managed to escape but returned to help his friend and was then pinned against a van and stabbed 16 or 17 times.

An old woman that lived in Drumbottie Road said that when she looked out of her window she saw a group of five or six boys fighting and that when she rushed out they all ran off. She said that she then saw Jason Bird and that as she was attending to him he died in her arms. She said that he opened his mouth to try to speak but then stopped breathing. She said that he was bare-chested and his trousers were soaked in blood down to his feet.

He was later taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary where it was determined that he had died from arterial damage.

The attack happened in what was known as a no-man's-land between Balornock, territory for the Gringo gang and Springburn, territory of The Peg gang.

Friends of Jason Bird said that he had been in a gang but that he had grown out of it.

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