Unsolved Murders

Gary Morton

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jun 2007

Place: Woodhead Bar, Swisscot Avenue, Hamilton

Gary Morton was murdered during a disturbance in the car park of the Woodhead Bar in Hamilton.

Police said that about ten men had been involved in the attack. Gary Morton and a man were both taken to Hairmyres Hospital where Gary Morton soon died. The other man had received serious head injuries but survived.

There had been an 18th birthday party at the Woodhead Bar and the fight had involved some of the guests. It had started at about 11.45pm.

Gary Morton had not been at the party but had driven past just as the fight was starting and saw his brother and went to his assistance. however, he was then chased by a number of people and attacked.

Witnesses said that there had been a loud disturbance both in the pub and the car park and that glasses and bottles were being thrown about. Three ambulances were called to the scene.

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