Unsolved Murders

Wayne Martin Kelly

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 10 Apr 2005

Place: The Harp Pub, West Hendon

Wayne Kelly was unlawfully killed in a pub fight outside The Harp pub in West Hendon, on 10 April 2005.

Three people were initially arrested for his murder but the Crown Prosecution Service said that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute them.

Wayne Kelly died from an injury he received when he fell during a scuffle outside the pub.

Several minutes before he fell he had been hit by a bouncer.

The bouncer was said to have been involved in an argument with two of Wayne Kelly's friends and Wayne Kelly had intervened.

Wayne Kelly was then said to have been chased and to have fallen whilst trying to avoid a blow and hit his head.

His inquest took place six years later and determined that he had been killed unlawfully.

Wayne Kelly was known as Smiley.

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