Unsolved Murders

Victoria Shorrock

Age: 45

Sex: female

Date: 11 Jan 2017

Place: Warrenside Close, Blackburn, Lancashire

Victoria Shorrock was found dead at a house in Warrenside Close, Blackburn on 11 January 2017 having suffered a number of injuries.

She was found in the bedroom of her home where she was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Her 35-year-old partner was charged with her murder but the charge was later reduced and he was convicted only of assault after it was found that her cause of death could not be verified. He was sentenced to 16 months at Liverpool Crown Court.

It was noted that although Victoria Shorrock's partner had called the medical services at about 2pm, that he soon left the scene after finding out that the police were to be called.

The court heard that after Victoria Shorrock's partner was told by the ambulance crew that were called out to attend to Victoria Shorrock that they would be calling the police that he became agitated and left the property and that he then took a taxi to Blackpool where he stayed at a guesthouse. He was later arrested by the police following an appeal.

Victoria Shorrock's injuries were said to have included a cut to the back of her head and significant bruising. However, it was said that her cause of death could not be ascertained 'with sufficient certainty to proceed with a charge of murder'.

The police said, 'Victoria Shorrock's partner was charged with murder on the basis of the evidence of assault and the initial findings of a post mortem examination. However, as the medical evidence was explored further and in conjunction with the Home Office pathologist and other expert medical witnesses, it became clear the cause of Miss Shorrock’s death could not be ascertained with sufficient certainty to proceed with a charge of murder. As a result the charge was amended to assault'.

The police said, 'While Victoria Shorrock's partner was the first person to call emergency services, his behaviour in the aftermath of the incident showed a total lack of concern or compassion. Victoria, his partner, had sadly died, but Grime made off from the scene, travelling to Blackpool and avoiding officers for several days. Victoria had a number of health issues and following expert medical opinion, it was agreed her death could not be proved as unlawful. Even though we can't be sure exactly what happened in the hours before she died, what is clear is her partner assaulted her, with her death following at some point afterwards. Victoria was a vulnerable woman who her partner took advantage of. He showed himself to be a dangerous and manipulative individual'.

Victoria Shorrock was described as a 'vulnerable' woman.

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