Unsolved Murders

Wilfred Neal

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 22 Jan 1932

Place: South Kirkby Colliery

Wilfred Neal was found dead in a coal mine.

It was thought that he had been run over by some tubs.

An open verdict was returned.

The coroner said that it was one of those cases where they were left entirely in the realms of conjecture as to what had happened. He said that it was difficult to understand how the tubs had gone over Wilfred Neal and retained their position on the rails and as to how he became injured at all. However, he said that he might have fallen when close to the tubs and then not been able to get out of their way.

The medical evidence said that it seemed as though he had been run over by the tubs.

The tubs had been sent down the roadway to the pit bottom in the Barnsley seam of the South Kirkby Colliery.

Wilfred Neal was a haulage hand and had lived in Queen's Terrace in South Kirkby.

An open verdict was returned stating that he had been run over by a coal tub but that there was not sufficient evidence to show how he came to be run over.

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