Unsolved Murders

Clifton Junior Bryan

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 15 May 2000

Place: Cadum Walk, Longsight, Manchester

Clifton Bryan and Dennis Wilson were found dead in a burnt-out car in Darfield Street, Harehills.

However, it was determined that they had been shot at a house in Cadum Walk in Longsight, Manchester and then taken to Leeds where they were dumped.

Three people were tried for their murders but acquitted.

They had both been shot in the back of the head.

They were found in a P-registration Rover car on 15 May 2000.

Clifton Bryan had been shot twice before but had survived both shootings. He was a drug dealer with a feared reputation. He was 6ft 5in tall and it was thought that Dennis Wilson had been with him at the time they were murdered as his minder.

It was thought that they had been killed several weeks earlier in a house in Longsight, Manchester.

One of the three men tried for their murders, the owner of a courier company, made a confession to the murders whilst in Durham Prison but later withdrew it, although he still admitted driving the bodies to Harehills in Clifton Bryan's car and burning bloodstained clothing and carpets in a derelict garage.

However, firemen arrived at the derelict garage early and were able to put out the fire and to preserve some of the items which then allowed the police to match them to the house in Cadum Walk which belonged to the parents of one of the men tried.

The man that admitted driving their bodies to Harehills said that his aim was to decoy the police away from the house in Cadum Walk where they were murdered.

Following their murders there was an outbreak of hostilities and shootings around Leeds between the Yardie gang and the local Yout gang.

It was thought that they had been murdered after they had travelled to Manchester to call in a debt that was said to have been a six-figure sum but that the people that owed him the money didn't have it and so killed them. It was thought that Clifton Bryan was calling in the debt so that he could leave Britain for Jamaica.

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