Unsolved Murders

Geoff Gray

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 17 Sep 2001

Place: Deepcut Barracks, Surrey

Geoff Gray died from two bullet wounds to his head.

He had been on night-time guard duty at the time he was shot at the Deepcut Barracks.

The British Army said that he shot himself twice in the head, but his family have said that there was evidence that another soldier had fired the weapon and that that evidence was later destroyed.

It was said that a man was seen running away from where his body was found and that his body had been moved after he was shot dead. It was also heard that a soldier had been found to have had a warm gun after the shooting, indicating that it had recently been fired but that it was not looked into any further. A witness that had seen the scene said that it was consistent with third-party involvement.

A ballistics expert said that he thought that it was highly unlikely that Geoff Gray had shot himself.

In 2002 an open verdict was returned but on 2006 a review, known as the Blake review, stated that he committed suicide.

His death was one of a number of mysterious deaths at the barracks over several years.

In 2014, it was said that the army had refused to release documents associated with the case and requested that the family that wanted them carry out a freedom of information request, although adding that they would have to pay for it as the £600 cap on free requests would be exceeded.

In 2017 it was heard that the family could apply for a fresh inquest after the family applied to the High Court stating that new evidence had come to light. They had been given 16,000 pages of previously unseen evidence. It was noted that the original inquest had had 20 pages of evidence to work with and had lasted four hours.

His mother also said that her lawyers had witness statements that named the person responsible for shooting Geoff Gray.

However, the fresh inquest returned a verdict of suicide on 20 June 2019.

He was from Seaham in County Durham.

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