Unsolved Murders

Callum Brown

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 5 Jul 2017

Place: Castle Park, Colchester, Essex

Callum Brown was found dead in a river.

An open verdict was returned.

He went missing following a retirement party at the Qube Bar in Crouch Street, Colchester on 30 June 2017. He was found in the river by Castle Park on 5 July 2017.

He was seen in CCTV leaving Qube Bar alone, going off towards Balkerne Hill and then heading off along St Peters Street.

His family said that they did not think that Callum Brown would have gone near the water because he could not swim. They said, 'We just don't believe he would voluntarily go towards the riverbank or that he slipped into that river'.

His family said that they didn't agree with the suggestion that he had gone towards the river to 'relieve himself', saying that they thought that if he had needed to that he could have gone anywhere in the park against a tree rather than go towards the water.

The police said that they found no evidence of foul play, including bruises to suggest that he had been pushed. However, they noted that he was seen in CCTV swaying from side to side as he walked along.

Callum Brown was born in Basildon and had lived in Wivenhoe with his mother and step-father. His father lived in Canada. He worked for Anglian Water.

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