Unsolved Murders

Dorothy Findlay-Shaw

Age: 33

Sex: female

Date: 18 Jun 1932

Place: Turney Road, Dulwich

Dorothy Findlay-Shaw was found dead at her home with a head injury.

She was found dead, propped up against the back door in the scullery by her 11-year-old son on the Saturday night, 18 June 1932. He said that he had come home and found the door locked and had climbed in through a window.

Her post-mortem revealed that she had a cut on her head about three and a half inches in length over her right ear. The doctor said that it could have been caused by a fall of great violence or could have been inflicted by somebody else.

She also had a blister between her second and third fingers that could have been caused by a cigarette.

However, the doctor said that he could not account for her death. He said that there was no sign of poison.

A policeman that examined the house said that he could find no sign of a struggle. However, he did find a smear of blood on the kitchen floor.

Dorothy Findlay-Shaw was the wife of a dentist and her husband said that he last saw her at 5.40pm on 18 June 1932 when he went off to his practice in Camberwell. He later added that she was not in the habit of taking drugs.

She was also seen by a charwoman who had left the house on the Saturday night and said that she had been all right then.

It was heard that she had suffered from giddiness and had sometimes fallen owing to the very high heels that she wore.

A hole in the coconut matting was also found in the scullery.

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