Unsolved Murders

Sarah Blanche Claxton

Age: 15

Sex: female

Date: 7 Apr 1932

Place: River Towy, Llanstephan

Sarah Blanche Claxton was found drowned.

She was a girl guide and disappeared on 7 April 1932 after leaving her home in Union Street, Carmarthen for school. She was last seen outside the County Girl's School at Carmarthen and a strange car was seen near the school at about the same time and it was initially thought that she had been abducted. It was also suggested that she might have lost her memory.

It was stated that a man had been seen at the wheel of the car when it was first observed and that when it was later seen a girl was said to have been in it.

She was later found seven miles away in the River Towy at Llanstephan by some salmon fishermen that found her caught in their nets at the head of Carmarthen Bay.

A friend of Sarah Claxton said that before the terminal examination the year before Sarah Claxton had said to her laughingly, 'Let us go and drown ourselves', and that Sarah Claxton had later remarked, 'If I am missing, you will know that I have run away'. The friend said that both remarks had been made as jokes.

The Coroner recorded a verdict of found drowned.

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