Unsolved Murders

Jessie Wright

Age: 74

Sex: female

Date: 26 Feb 1919

Place: Cintra, Wentworth Road, Golders Green, London

Jessie Wright was found dead in her residence in mysterious circumstances.

At first it was thought that she had suffered from heart failure. However, the police later found out that a successful attempt had been made to force an entry into the house. They found an aperture in the glass had been made sufficiently large to permit the insertion of a hand and the unfastening of the door from the inside.

When the police then searched her bedroom, they found that the drawer of a dressing-table had been broken open and some of the content extracted including a silver watch, two pounds in treasury notes and a silver cigarette case. However, it was thought that the thief had been in a hurry as an ornament containing sixpenny pieces and a canister of old coins had been left untouched.

Her family said that they thought that Jessie Wright's death had been due to natural causes and that the house breaking had been merely a singular occurrence.

Jessie Wright was had been an actress and the wife of an actor. She was also the mother of two actor-comedians.

She had lived at Cintra in Wentworth Road with her daughter.

Her family denied the rumour that she had been suffocated.

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