Unsolved Murders

Paul Rogers

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 5 Aug 2000

Place: Catharine Street, Toxteth

Paul Rogers was shot in the stomach in his flat during what was described as a bungled robbery by two men.

One of the men suspected of shooting him was later murdered.

The man that shot him was described as 5ft 10in tall, wearing Kicker shoes, black baggy Adidas tracksuit bottoms, a thick black padded jacket and black leather gloves. The gun the man used was described as black and was thought to have been possibly fitted with a silencer.

The man that the gunman had been with was described as between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in tall, wearing a dark coloured jacket that concealed his face, Kicker trainers, black tracksuit bottoms and black leather gloves.

It was heard that a girl and two men had gone to his flat in relation to a bicycle and that the girl had let them in and whilst there, there was an argument and one of the two men shot him.

At the time Paul Rogers was watching television with his nine-year-old son at 11pm when the two men burst in. The man that shot him had been wearing a mask from the horror film Scream.

It was said that when the two men had gone into Paul Rogers's flat they had demanded money but that even when some money was handed over the altercation spilled out into the hall where Paul Rogers was shot. It was said that at the time that the men went out into the hall the other man had already left.

After being shot, Paul Rogers managed to stagger back into his lounge where he collapsed on the floor in front of his 9-year-old son. His son then called a neighbour who told him to call for an ambulance.

By the time the paramedics arrived, Paul Rogers was unconscious. He was taken to the Royal Liverpool University hospital where he later died.

Paul Rogers was unemployed and had lived in the area for about nine years.

The police said that he had a minor involvement with dealing cannabis but said that he was not a major player on the cannabis scene and if anything, he had been supplying to people in the locality.

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