Unsolved Murders

Amy Greenwood

Age: 39

Sex: female

Date: 8 Mar 1915

Place: Whitehall Road, New Wortley

Amy Greenwood died from a head injury.

She had a big wound to the back of her head.

Her partner was tried for her manslaughter but acquitted.

Amy Greenwood was married and lived at 9 Danube Terrace in New Wortley. The man that was tried for her manslaughter was a 24-year-old gasworks labourer from Bright Street in New Wortley.

They were found lying in Whitehall Road on the Friday evening, 5 March 1915. Amy Greenwood was found with injuries from which she later died.

They had been out drinking together earlier on in the night and had been to several pubs.

A botanical brewer said that he had been going home along Whitehall Road at about 8.30pm on the Friday night, 5 March, when he saw a man and a woman come out of a passage leading from the New Wortley Recreation Ground. He said that the man appeared to have his arm around the woman's neck and that when they crossed the road they fell, with the man falling on top of the woman. He said that they both appeared to be drunk and that shortly afterwards they got up and staggered away.

Later on, a tailor's presser from Beeston said that he saw the man and woman lying in the road and they were then taken to the infirmary.

Amy Greenwood was unconscious and had a scalp wound to the back of her head and her head and face were covered in blood, while her right eye was black. She regained consciousness during the night, but died the following evening.

Her death was said to have been due to haemorrhage of the brain, following upon her injuries.

A railway goods guard who had been at the spot said that he heard the gasworks labourer, who seemed the worse for drink say, 'Wake up, Nell, I didn't mean it'.

At the trial, the prosecution said that when Amy Greenwood and the gasworks labourer were lying down, the gasworks labourer had taken advantage of Amy Greenwood.

However, the defence said that it was accidental, and he was acquitted.

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