Unsolved Murders

Rosalie Davey

Age: 18

Sex: female

Date: 3 Feb 1915

Place: Hill Terrace, Penarth

Rosalie Davey died from an illegal operation.

Her post-mortem concluded that an illegal operation had been performed but the police were unable to determine who had carried it out.

At her inquest the Coroner said that the evidence given by her mother was most unsatisfactory, saying that he thought that she knew a great deal more than she had admitted. He said that her behaviour was deserving of the most severe censure for not sending for a medical man at an earlier date.

Rosalie Davey's mother said that Rosalie Davey had been home for some time unknown to her father who thought that she was in a situation as a domestic.

She said that Rosalie Davey came home on the Saturday and complained of pains in her stomach but had said she felt better on the Sunday.

However, on the Tuesday she was confined to her bed, however, her mother said that she didn't send for the doctor until the Wednesday morning when he noticed that Rosalie Davey seemed very ill.

However, she said that Rosalie Davey died before the doctor arrived.

She said that she had no idea what had caused her death. She said that she gave her some port wine and some grated nutmeg which she said a neighbour had suggested was a good thing.

The doctor that carried out her post mortem said that he found that an illegal operation had been carried out which had set up acute peritonitis which had then caused death.

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