Unsolved Murders

Edward Hall

Age: 60

Sex: male

Date: 14 Mar 1915

Place: Leamore

Edward Hall was found dead in a canal with fractured bones.

He had been living in a caravan in Green Lane, Leamore.

It was said that he had gone out with his son on the Sunday evening with the intention of buying a pony. However, his son later returned home alone shortly after midnight in a drunken condition and was unable to say what had happened to Edward Hall.

The son later said that he had gone out with Edward Hall to see a man about a horse and that afterwards they had gone to a pub together for drinks. He said that they were both very drunk when they left the pub and that he missed his father after Edward Hall stopped to speak to a group of men.

The police were informed of his disappearance, but nothing more was heard of him until the Thursday when he was found in the canal.

The doctor that carried out his post-mortem stated that Edward Hall had fractured ribs and that both his left leg and left arm were also both fractured, but said that he was of the opinion that the injuries were due to passing boats.

A verdict of found drowned was returned.

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