Unsolved Murders

Adam Chadwick

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 24 Jun 2008

Place: Clifton Mount, Harehills, Leeds

Adam Chadwick was shot at his sister's house Leeds.

He died two days later in hospital.

Three black men and a white woman had gone to his sister's home in Clifton Mount on 24 June 2008 at 10.40pm and shot him following a disturbance.

The men had been wearing masks and camouflage jackets and one of them was said to have had a Baikal handgun

The police said that they thought that he was a victim of mistaken identity. The woman who had been with the men had earlier been knocking at other houses in the area and asking for someone called Michelle. The woman had first gone to Adam Chadwick's sister's house at 9.40pm and asked for Michelle but Adam Chadwick's sister had told her that they didn't know anyone called Michelle. However, they returned at 10.40pm and asked for Michelle again and then the three black men burst into the house and there was a disturbance during which Adam Chadwick was shot in the head.

It was said that when the woman had returned and the men tried to burst in Adam Chadwick had managed to get the door shut but that the men had then kicked it open and came in. Whilst they were doing so they were shouting 'Where’s Michelle?'.

Two shots were fired, one of which hit Adam Chadwick in the head.

An e-fit image of the woman was issued by the police. She was also seen running off in CCTV footage. She had been wearing a baggy black fleece or cardigan over a black round-neck top. She was described as in her 20s and had thin, prominent cheekbones and dark hair.

It was thought that the woman had been used as a decoy when knocking on the doors.

The men then ran off and got into a stolen car and drove away. CCTV evidence showed their getaway car which was a dark blue Ford Focus C-Max, registration number YH54SBV, that had been stolen two weeks earlier in Oatland Heights, Little London. It was found abandoned shortly after the shooting near Reginald Street in Chapeltown.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.