Unsolved Murders

HT Lewis

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jan 1913

Place: River Thames, Tate Gallery

HT Lewis was found in the River Thames near the Tate Gallery.

He was thought to have recently arrived in England on the Narrung, a ship, after he was identified by a man that had had been on the voyage with him. It was noted that HT Lewis had been wearing a shirt with the name Dewhurst on it and the man said that a man named Dewhurst had been a cabin friend of HT Lewis on the ship and that he thought that he gave him the shirt.

The man said that he first met HT Lewis in a hotel in Capetown and said that he was a very reserved man and that he was coming to England 'broke'. He said that HT Lewis had told him that he was going to see an aunt in Cambridge and that he would then go to Barnes where he had a sister.

At the inquest, the man produced a picture of the Narrung which he said HT Lewis had autographed.

The police said that when they found HT Lewis's body, his arms were buttoned inside his coat, and not through the sleeves, which they said they thought pointed to suicide.

An open verdict was returned with the jury adding that they were satisfied that the body they had seen was that if HT Lewis.

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