Unsolved Murders

Gary Whitehouse

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 29 Sep 1995

Place: Lytham Road, Blackpool, Lancashire

Gary Whitehouse was assaulted whilst on holiday in Blackpool on 26 September 1995 and was taken to Royal Preston Hospital where he died on 29 September 1995.

He had been walking along Lytham Road with some friends when he was hit from behind near the junction with Tyldesley Road with what was thought to have been a snooker cue or baseball bat.

The police said that they thought that his attacker had been in a car and suggested that Gary Whitehouse, who had had somthing to drink, might have walked in front of it causing the driver to get out and attack him. The police said that it was otherwise a moticeless crime. They said that they thought that the car was a silver or grey Ford Escort-type vehicle.

The man that attacked him was said to have lept out of the car, assaulted Gary Whitehouse, and got back in the car and driven off.

After being attacked Gary Whitehouse was still conscious and was able to walk to the ambulance.

He had been out for the night at Jellies nightclub.

It was noted that following his attack, the police were notcalled for 36-hours which they later said was crucial and in effect hampered their investigation. They said that the delay was compounded by the fact that Gary Whitehouse's friends could not remember exactly where he was attacked until two weeks later.

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