Unsolved Murders

Moosakhan Nasiri

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 15 Oct 2017

Place: Plashet Park, East Ham, London

Moosakhan Nasiri was stabbed in East Ham on 15 October 2017.

He died from a stab wound to the chest, the wound piercing his heart and left lung.

Several people were tried for his murder but acquitted. It was heard at the trial that the man that had stabbed Moosakhan Nasiri later fled the country and had yet to be traced.

The trial heard that Moosakhan Nasiri had been stabbed over a £10 drug debt and had been ambushed and attacked by a gang of five men in the park. The men were said to have also been Afghanistani. He had been punched and kicked before he was stabbed once in the heart.

However, the men on trial, who were all traced to the scene by telephone and CCTV evidence, denied attacking Moosakhan Nasiri and said that the man that had fled the country had just stabbed him. One of the men said that it was Moosakhan Nasiri that had started the fight by punching the man that was alleged to have stabbed Moosakhan Nasiri and that they had just tried to stop it.

One of the men on trial said, 'No-one touched Moosa, I never touched Moosa, my friend never touched Moosa. The other man just stabbed him'.

After he was stabbed he was treated by a heart surgeon that happened to be passing at the time and who operated on him in the park with a knife that a policeman gave him. However, he was declared dead at 4.32pm.

Moosakhan Nasiri had come to the United Kingdom from Afghanistan after his family, mother, father, two sisters and a brother were shot dead in the middle of the night whilst they slept by members of the Taliban in a revenge attack because his father was in the Afghan army. Moosakhan Nasiri escaped the attack as he had been staying with relatives in Kabul at the time. After his family was murdered he sold their house and began a year long journey that took him to the United Kingdom where he applied for asylum. He had gone from Kabul to Pakistan and then on to Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria before arriving at Calais in France where he stayed for a month before paying a people smuggler £1,400 to smuggle him into the United Kingdom in the back of a lorry in 2015.

However, when he arrived in the United Kingdom the Home Office refused his application for asylum and he was served papers to voluntarily leave although at the time of his murder he was hoping to appeal the Home Office decision.

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