Unsolved Murders

Michael Merriman

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 24 Sep 1989

Place: Shepherds Bush Market, London

Michael Merriman was found dead under the railway arches at Shepherds Bush Market at 4am on 24 September 1989.

It was initially thought that he had been murdered, but after the pathologist said that he could find no signs of assault, an open verdict was returned.

The pathologist said that he died from severe head injuries but that they could have been caused by a fall. He had a head wound and blood on his hands and face.

It was also noted however that there were drag marks on the ground nearby and that it seemed as though someone had moved him to where he was found to conceal his body.

The police said that they initially linked his death with that of a homosexual murder in the area, but later dropped that theory.

The police said that they also interviewed Michael Merriman's former flatmate who lived in The Vale, Acton, after the neighbour below reported blood coming through the floorboards. It was found that Michael Merriman had been living in the flat but that he had left the flat two weeks before his body was found under the arches. It was heard that Michael Merriman and the other man had been heavy drinkers and that bloodstains were found throughout the flat belonging to both men but that they had both been in the habit of brawling.

The police said that when they spoke to the flatmate that he had been very incoherent and had told them that he had heard from two vagrants that Michael Merriman had been stabbed.

He said that he had previously met Michael Merriman at Shepherds Bush Green and hat Michael Merriman had stayed with him as he had just been evicted, but later left.

The police said that after speaking to Michael Merriman's previous flatmate at The Vale that they no longer suspected him of having anything to do with Michael Merriman's death.

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