Unsolved Murders

David Williams

Age: 49

Sex: male

Date: 3 Jul 2018

Place: Crown and Anchor, Brixham, Devon

David Williams was punched outside a pub in Brixham on 29 June 2018.

He died four days later on 3 July 2018.

He had been punched outside the Three Elms pub earlier on during an altercation after which he went on to the Crown and Anchor pub where a second altercation took place and he was knocked to the ground.

The person that punched him outside the Three Elms pub was convicted of assault and sentenced to four months.

The police said that they were unable to determine who hit David Williams outside the Crown and Anchor pub and noted that many of the people involved had deleted text messages from their phones or simply lost their phones. The police said that there might have been more evidence if the messages and phones had not been lost.

His inquest in February 2020 concluded that he died from a head injury caused by an assault. The inquest heard that he had hit his head on the ground after being punched and fell backwards.

The inquest added that his death was not due to an accident of any sort. The pathologist said that the primary cause of his death was a head injury and that any alcohol that he might have consumed would not have played any role in his death.

Following the inquest, a family member said, 'Someone present on the night of the attack caused the fatal head injury resulting in David's untimely death. This may lay very heavy with them for a long time to come, we are still hopeful that in the future feelings may change and either this person comes forward or any other eye witnesses/new evidence comes to light'.

David Williams had been out to the Three Elms pub with his daughter's partner to watch England play Belgium and that after he was first assaulted that they had gone off to the Crown and Anchor pub where the second altercation took place.

The police noted, 'On the night that David died there was no CCTV in operation in the Crown and Anchor Public House. In fact the nearest CCTV was of poor quality, did not cover the assault on David or was too far away to get a clear picture of what was happening on the Quay. The only people who really know what happened that night have been arrested and interviewed. Although no further action is to be taken at this time the investigation will remain subject to regular review, particularly against advances in digital technology and new information from the community'.

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