Unsolved Murders

Florence Mary Ainger

Age: 38

Sex: female

Date: 19 May 1951

Place: River Calder, Brighouse

Florence Mary Ainger vanished.

An investigation into her disappearance was started after a blue battle dress blouse was found on the bank of the River Calder at Brighouse on Saturday 19 May 1951. It had the name Ainger written inside in indelible ink. The clothes of a man and a child were also found.

The police spent four days dragging the River Calder for her body but found nothing.

Florence Ainger was thought to have lived in Pittfield Street in Shoreditch.

When the police made inquiries into the name found in the blue battle dress blouse, they found that the only Ainger found in the aliens' list of the West Riding was that of an English woman who had been  married to a Norwegian of that name and who had lived in Mirfield until 1944. It was said that after her husband died in 1944 that the woman then moved to London. It was also noted that she was 38 years of age and was assumed to have been Florence Ainger.

After the police made appeals into the mystery of the clothing found, several people came forward to say that they had seen a man and a woman carrying a child in Brighouse on the Saturday and that the woman had been wearing blue slacks. It was noted that the blue slacks were later found on the bank.

The police said that they were also looking to trace a man, a tatter, who had also been seen with a woman pushing a pram in Dewsbury on the Saturday.

The police said that scientific tests showed that the owner of the blue battledress blouse had worked among wool.

Nothing more is known.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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