Unsolved Murders

Charles Michael Monro

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 6 May 1952

Place: Cox Tor, Dartmoor

Charles Michael Monro was found dead amongst some boulders on Cox Tor, a 1,400ft peak on Dartmoor near Tavistock on Tuesday 6 May 1952.

He was known to have taken in a pair of shoes to be repaired on the Monday, saying, 'Please have them done within 12 hours, I require them most urgently'. However, he never called for them and was found dead the following night on Cox Tor, 14 hours away.

His body was found doubled up between some great granite boulders, but nothing was found nearby to give any clue as to how he had died. It was said that his body was in a 'semi-somersault' position.

His car was found about a quarter of a mile away.

He was a young doctor and had lived in Lower Metherell in Callington, Cornwall. He had moved there in October 1951 having previously been in Malaya. When he first came over to Callington he had stayed in lodgings until the New Year when he bought a house and was then joined by his wife and two sons aged three and six in April 1952.

The doctor said that he had been unable to ascertain his cause of death, saying that he had no injuries and that there were no signs of foul play.

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