Unsolved Murders

Evelyn Mabel Pullen

Age: 26

Sex: female

Date: 15 Jun 1922

Place: Hugh Street, Pimlico, London

Evelyn Mabel Pullen died from an illegal operation.

She was a waitress at a restaurant in Oxford Street, London.

At her inquest her sister, who she lived with in Pimlico, said that Evelyn Pullen never mentioned anything to her about having had an illegal operation.

As she was giving her evidence, the Coroner said to her, 'Your sister has been murdered'. He said that it was obvious that she had been operated on and said that it was an extremely serious one.

Evelyn Pullen's sister said that Evelyn Pullen's lover was a married man. She said that they both had children a little over a year old and that they used to put them out with a woman in Hugh Street in Pimlico whilst they went to work at the restaurant in Oxford Street where they were waitresses.

The man responsible for her condition was a dining-car attendant on the GW Railway and lived in Delamere Crescent. He admitted having been intimate with Evelyn Pullen and said that she first told him of her condition at the end of March 1922, but said that she had taken no drugs to his knowledge and had not spoken about going to see anyone concerning her condition.

He said that when he last visited her that she told him that she had had a fall. He said that he asked her a number of times whether she would like to visit a doctor.

Certain items were taken from the man's room and shown in evidence at the inquest.

The doctor that saw Evelyn Pullen before she died said that Evelyn Pullen told him that she was married and emphatically denied that she had done anything to herself or that she had been operated on.

However, the doctor said that it was possible that Evelyn Pullen had inflicted her fatal injury herself but said that it must have been done with felonious intent.

However, the jury later returned a verdict of 'Felo-de-se'.

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