Unsolved Murders

Petar Narancic

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 11 Jun 1953

Place: River Avon, Offenham

Petar Narancic was found dead in the River Avon at Offenham on Thursday 11 June 1953.

An open verdict was returned at his inquest after the Coroner said that it was not possible to say whether he had died intentionally or accidently.

Petar Narancic was from Yugoslavia and had been working as a land-worker. He had been staying that the South Littleton Hostel up until the time he disappeared on 4 June 1953. He had lived in England for a number of years and had been working in Offenham since around May 1953.

His post mortem concluded that he died from drowning.

His employer said that he had appeared perfectly normal and happy prior to his disappearance.

His personal belongings were examined, but nothing was found to suggest that he had been contemplating suicide.

However, a work colleague said that he had seen Petar Narancic on 4 June 1953 with his head in his hands and formed the opinion that he had been unwell.

The police said that after Petar Narancic was reported missing that they examined the embankment adjoining the land that he had been working on at the time and then later instigated dragging operations.

Petar Narancic's body was later found floating in the River Avon on 11 June 1953.

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