Unsolved Murders

Human Bone

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 24 Feb 2018

Place: Chadwick Dam, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester

A human bone was found at Chadwick Dam in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.

It was found just after 5.30pm on Saturday 24 February 2018 in a dredged pond. It was found lying amongst sticks and mud.

It was not known whether it was human and it was sent off for examination although it was believed to be a human left femur. Tests to be carried out included DNA testing and carbon dating.

The police said, 'We are doing everything we can to not only understand how this bone came to be here but also who it belonged to. While we are waiting on the test results we will continue our enquiries but ultimately, a lot of the key information we need will be in those results which unfortunately do take time to come back. We are aware of speculation about the bone, particularly discoloration. Until we have the test results we are not in any position to confirm what happened. Lots of circumstances could result in discoloration, including decomposition because of damp conditions. We know this is a particularly popular spot with dog walkers and people fishing, so I would urge anyone who may have any information to call police'.

A picture of the bone had been posted onto Facebook soon after it was found but the picture was soon after taken down.

The lake had been being drained at the time for cleaning as part of a £1million project to revitalise the beauty spot.

Chadwick Dam was a former mill pond.

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