Unsolved Murders

Hakeem Hussain

Age: 7

Sex: male

Date: 26 Nov 2017

Place: Cook Street, Nechells, Birmingham

Hakeem Hussain was found dead outside his home.

His initial post mortem was inconclusive but it was first thought that he had frozen to death and that he had suffered a heart attack due to hypothermia after being left outside.

It was thought that he had been left outside on the night of Saturday 25 November 2017. He was declared dead the following morning at 7.30am 26 November 2017.

Records indicated that the temperature fell to as low as 2 degrees during the early hours of Sunday 26 November 2017.

His 35-year-old mother was arrested on suspicion of wilfully neglecting a child whilst her 56-year-old partner was arrested on suspicion of wilfully ill-treating a child after which it was reported on 14 July 2021 that a woman was charged with his manslaughter.

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