Unsolved Murders

Andrew Cresswell

Age: 51

Sex: male

Date: 11 Nov 2008

Place: Unit 2, Pivington Mill Industrial Estate, Pluckley

Andrew Cresswell was beaten to death.

He ran a cafe on the Pivington Mill industrial estate in Pluckley and lived there in a mobile home.

He was found dead there in the morning of 11 November 2008 by a worker. He had been hit over the head.

It was thought that he might have disturbed a burglar.

It was also noted that he was an aviation expert specialising in aviation archaeology and the aircraft of the First World War. He was said to have had specialist knowledge of First World War crash sites and that he was murdered on Armistice Day in 2008 which was exactly 90 years after the fighting in World War One came to an end.

Police said they had some DNA but were unable to match it.

Five people were arrested but no charges were made.

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