Unsolved Murders

Helen Irene Saville

Age: 54

Sex: female

Date: 11 Aug 1957

Place: Birling Gap, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Helen Irene Saville was found dead at the foot of some cliffs at Birling Gap near Eastbourne on 11 August 1957.

Her identity was not at first known and she was buried on Friday 6 September 1957 at East Dean. There were no mourners and just one spray of flowers offered by the vicar. He also started a fund for a small headstone to mark her grave.

She was found unclothed and the only clue as to her identity was a wedding ring with the initials GF on the inside.

She was later identified on Friday 13 September 1957 when it was determined that she had lived in Bedford Gardens, Kensington, London where she had rented a £4 10s a week room.

It was heard that she had previously claimed to have inherited £40,000 from her mother.

She was identified by her son after he saw a photograph of her that was being circulated.

An open verdict was returned at her inquest.

It was heard that a five-foot-long family tree, headed, 'Pedigree of Lushington from the Blood Royal of England' was found among her treasured possessions.

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