Unsolved Murders

June Audrey Weedon

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 22 Sep 1958

Place: Chesterton Road, North Kensington, London

June Audrey Weedon died following an illegal operation.

She died from an embolism.

A woman was sent to trial for her manslaughter, but nothing more is known about the trial result.

June Weedon had been a girl secretary with the BBC for about a year.

The police had been called to Chesterton Road in North Kensington on 22 September 1958 by the woman who said, 'Can you send the police to my house as I have just come home and found a young girl dead on my floor'.

When the woman was asked whether she knew who the girl was, the woman said, 'She came up to me this morning in trouble. She was pregnant and I offered to put her up for a few days'. She then told the police that after talking to June Weedon she told her that she didn't think that she could help her and then told her to wait while she went to the hospital to visit her sick boy. She then said that on her return that she found June Weedon lying face downwards near a table and thought that she was dead.

It was said that before the woman made a written statement that she said, 'I will tell you what happened from start to finish. You will see that I am not so bad'.

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