Unsolved Murders

Thomas OBrien

Age: 30

Sex: male

Date: 14 Aug 1959

Place: River Thames, Victoria Embankment, London

Thomas OBrien was found dead in the River Thames near the RAF Memorial at Victoria Embankment on 14 August 1959.

He had been a lead factory labourer and had lived with his brother in Vauxhall.

His body was identified by his brother who said that Thomas OBrien had just come over to England from Ireland in March 1959. He said that he was very quiet and never said anything about himself. He noted that Thomas OBrien couldn't swim.

Thomas OBrien's brother said that on 13 August 1959 that Thomas OBrien told him that he was going to visit their sister in Harlesden and that when he failed to return he was not alarmed as he would often spend a few nights away from home.

Thomas OBrien's brother said that on Saturday 15 August 1959 that he went away for a week's holiday and that when he returned there was a note for him to call the police.

He noted that Thomas OBrien had never made any remarks about taking his own life.

When the Coroner summed up he said that there was nothing to indicate what had happened between the Thursday evening when Thomas OBrien had left to visit his sister and the following day when he was found dead in the river.

An open verdict was returned.

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