Unsolved Murders

Sarah Grace Seddon

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 2 Nov 1960

Place: St Winifred Hotel, 284 Rimrose Road, Bootle

Sarah Grace Seddon died from bronchial pneumonia after being taken to hospital.

She had gone to hospital after receiving scalp injuries.

It was thought that she had told someone that she had been hit on the head with a bottle, however, the Coroner at her inquest said, 'There is absolutely nothing in the evidence to suggest that this person had been struck on the head by a bottle. It may have been because of her condition that she said this.

Sarah Seddon had been the wife of the licensee of the St Winifred Hotel at 284 Rimrose Road in Bootle.

The police said that Sarah Seddon and her husband were happily married but that Sarah Seddon had been a heavy drinker.

A detective inspector that gave evidence at the inquest said, 'There was a case containing empty bottles close to two steps and it was quite possible that, having tripped on the thick carpet or steps, she could have caught her head on the side of the bottles as she fell'.

She had initially been taken to Bootle Hospital but was thereafter transferred to Ormskirk County Hospital where she died.

The Coroner said that he was satisfied that Sarah Seddon's death had been due to bronchial pneumonia due to delirium tremens caused and initiated by her admission to hospital which was necessary in view of the scalp injuries that she had received.

An open verdict was returned at her inquest.

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