Unsolved Murders

Eboney Cheshire

Age: 13

Sex: female

Date: 3 Dec 2018

Place: Sandon Close, Rainhall, Merseyside

Eboney Cheshire died from Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) toxicity.

It was thought the drug had been in her drink, but it was not known how it got there.

She had a seizure at her home on the night of Sunday 2 December 2018 and was taken to Whiston Hospital where she later died shortly after at 1.09am on 3 December 2018.

Her inquest heard that she had 'suffered from cold-like symptoms in the days prior to her passing' and that she had been given paracetamol and had been grounded at home whilst she was off school.

it was heard that on the evening that Eboney Cheshire suffered the seizure that when her mother had returned home that there had been an altercation between her and Eboney Cheshire and her son, Eboney Cheshire's brother, as no cleaning had been done. The verbal altercation was described as slight and was about the lack of tidying up that had been done whilst her mother was out.

It was said that later that night after they had gone to bed that her mother was awoken by a noise from her bedroom and when she went to see she found Eboney Cheshire having a seizure. She said that she found her having a seizure in her bed, sweating, with her eyes rolling back and her arms tensing.

An ambulance was then called and it was then suspected that her seizure was due to drugs.

She was said to have had a temperature of 41.2C.

Her post mortem showed that she had extremely high levels of MDMA or ecstasy in her system which were over the range reported in other instances of fatalities reported for that drug.

The police carried out an investigation and concluded that there was no evidence to state that anyone other than Eboney Cheshire had been responsible for taking the drug. They said that they found residue from powdered MDMA in a Lucozade bottle that Eboney Cheshire had been drinking from and identified no suspects.

However, Eboney Cheshire's mother and grandfather disagreed with the police findings saying that her death was suspicious and that they thought that the drink that Eboney Cheshire had bought from a local shop had been spiked. She had bought Lucozade, Monster Munch crisps and noodles at the shop. After the Coroner's ruling Eboney Cheshire's mother indicated that she wanted to appeal the ruling. She said, 'She didn't do this to herself. Who puts ecstasy into a drink? Her bottle was laced with drugs. You don't realise how suspicious this is'.

It was also heard that Eboney Cheshire had been seen with another girl in Sandon Close where she lived a few hours before her seizure.

However, at the inquest the Coroner said, 'Should there be fresh evidence the police will look at the fresh evidence. I have to make my findings on the balance of probability, the medical findings and that the police investigation has concluded. My conclusion is that of a drug-related death'.

She had been a pupil at Rainhill High School.

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