Unsolved Murders

Adam Egan

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 31 Mar 2018

Place: Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley, Liverpool

Adam Egan died after losing control of a scrambler motorbike that he was riding through Fazakerley on the afternoon of 27 March 2018 at about 4.40pm.

He was taken to Aintree hospital where he died four days later on 31 March 2018.

It was thought that he had been being chased at the time by a black Volkswagen Golf car that had caused him to drive off at speed. The driver of the car was not known.

Adam Egan had been riding a KTM off-road bike at the time accompanied by another man on another scrambler motorcycle.

He and his friend had been seen earlier riding along at what was described as a relaxed pace even though his bike was not legal to ride on the street and he had been seen going through a red light. He was also seen at one point to ride without his hands on the handlebars.

However, it was said that as soon as he saw the Volkswagen car he had sped off and it was thought that the Volkswagen car had been chasing him.

Adam Egan had been riding along a street with a 30mph speed limit but was said to have reached a speed of between 41mph and 46mph whilst the Volkswagen car was said to have traveled between 59mph and 61mph.

The Volkswagen car had come out of Goodacre Road and was seen in CCTV to accelerate rapidly, making ground on the two scrambler motorbikes.

The police said, 'From the appearance of this Volkswagen there is then a notable change in the manner of riding of the motorcycles'.

The CCTV showed Adam Egan's friend move into the middle of the road whilst Adam Egan moved into the oncoming lane whilst the Volkswagen car straddled the road markings meaning that it was also partly on the wrong side of the road and making ground on the motorbikes.

The Volkswagen car then closed on Adam Egan's motorbike before braking and the police said that they were confident that the car didn't touch his bike. However, the police said that Adam Egan then continued further across the road and mounted the pavement near the Farmer's Arms pub at which time the Volkswagen car passed him.

The police said that the CCTV evidence indicated that Adam Egan had been looking at the car and gesturing at it after which he turned his attention back in the direction of his travel and then braced himself for a crash and hit a kerb and lost control and was thrown through the air into a nearby low wall.

He had not been wearing a helmet and suffered fatal head injuries. It was also noted that he had had cannabis in his system.

When the police later questioned the second motorcyclist he said that he and Adam Egan had borrowed the scrambler motorcycles from people whose names he didn't known.

The inquest heard that the other motorcyclist had told the police that he didn't know the driver of the Volkswagen car and it was reported that witnesses were split between whether they thought the motorcycles were being chased by the car or whether they were racing it.

It was noted that only one of the witnesses said that they had seen the other man shouting across at the car as though he was in conversation.

The police said that they could not be certain that the bikes were being chased, but said that their risk taking went up after the Volkswagen car appeared. They added that they had been unable to determine the car's registration number or identify the driver.

Two people were arrested during the police investigation but were later released with no further action

After hearing the evidence the inquest concluded that Adam Egan died from a road traffic collision noting that they could not say whether the Volkswagen car had played a role in his death.

The Coroner said, 'It is clear the Golf driven behind him, at that stage, was driving inappropriately, at speed, and too close to Adam's bike. It is also clear the manner in which Adam was driving drastically changed when the Golf appeared.'

Adam Egan had one child.

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