Unsolved Murders

Arthur Jenkins

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 29 Jun 1961

Place: Cordwell Avenue, Chesterfield

Arthur Jenkins was found gassed in his kitchen.

He had recently been interrogated by the police regarding the murders of William Arthur Elliott and George Gerald Stobbs.

He had had been a labourer.

He had been one of three people that had all gassed themselves after being interviewed by the police over the murders, the other two people being Albert Waddoups and John Mart.

One of Arthur Jenkins's neighbours said, 'Mr Jenkins loved flowers and would always stop at those in his garden before going into his flat. But last night he walked straight in and did not even look at the flowers. He seemed moody'.

Arthur Jenkins was 5ft tall with black reseeding hair and was said to have born a facial resemblance to the victims of the 'bubble car' and 'carbon copy' murders. It was heard that like both William Elliott and George Stobbs he had worn thick horn rimmed glasses.

William Elliott and George Stobbs had been murdered by Michael Copeland who was convicted for their murders in 1965.

Arthur Jenkins had lived about half a mile from Mansfeldt Road where George Stobbs, who had been 48-years-old, had lived. George Stobbs had been a research chemist and was the second murder victim, the victim of the 'carbon copy' murder and they had both used George Stobb's favourite public house, The Cricketers.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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