Unsolved Murders

Baby B

Age: 0

Sex: male

Date: 4 Sep 1916

Place: Scarisbrick

The bodies of Baby A and Baby B were found buried in Scarisbrick.

A 35-year-old woman was charged with their manslaughter but the charge was later dropped and replaced with one of concealment.

She said that both of the children had been born dead.

It was heard that she had given birth to Baby A on 28 August 1916 and that she had told her husband that she thought that it had been a misscariage and that he had then buied the body in the garden on 4 September 1916.

However, suspicion arose and the body was soon after found there. However, then the police dug the child's body up they also found the bod of Baby B whic hit was said put a serious character on the finding it being said that it appeared to have become a system.

The woman said that Baby B had been born in May 1915.