Unsolved Murders

Arthur Sleet

Age: 10

Sex: male

Date: 29 Sep 1902

Place: Birmingham and Faseley Canal, Snow Hill, Birmingham

Arthur Sleet was found dead in the Birmingham and Faseley Canal.

He had lived at 15 Court, 2 House, Brearley Street with his parents. His mother said that he left home on the Monday morning 22 September 1902 saying that he was going to school but said that she was later told that he had not been to school.

A search was made for him but no trace of him was found until the Friday evening, 26 September 1902 when his body was found in the Birmingham and Faseley Canal by a workman at Raynor's Mill in Snow Hill. At the inquest the workman said that he could tell that Arthur Sleet was dead when he saw him and when he was asked how he could tell, he replied, 'Because it never moved'.

At his inquest his mother noted that he couldn't swim.

She said that Arthur Sleet had asked her to allow him to go to the baths, but she had not done so although she had allowed his elder son to do so.

When the Coroner summed up he said that there was nothing to show how Arthur Sleet got into the water and the jury returned an open verdict.

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