Unsolved Murders

Anthony Gardner

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 9 Jan 1988

Place: Gretney Walk, Moss Side, Manchester

Anthony Gardner was shot at point blank range with a sawn off-shotgun as he sat in a car in Moss Side.

Anthony Gardner had been in the front passenger seat.

It was thought that his murder was a gangland hit after he fell out with a gang leader.

A man, Anthony Johnson, was suspected of his murder but was himself later murdered in 1991, which is also unsolved.

Shortly after the shooting, the police said that it was 'a premeditated and deliberate shooting. They also added, 'We have no idea about the motive for this murder'.

It was said that the car that Anthony Gardner had been in had pulled up in Gretney Walk, Moss Side outside a sheban and that a gunman had stepped out from the shadows and shot Anthony Gardner through the windscreen as he sat in the passenger seat.

It was said that after the shooting that the people in the sheban fled before the police arrived and threw their drugs away in the street resulting in the police finding over £1,000 worth of heroin and cocaine lying about.

Anthony Gardner was also known as Scratch.

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