Unsolved Murders

Alan Brooks

Age: 53

Sex: male

Date: 16 Jul 1991

Place: Clydesdale Pub, Westall Road, Loughton, Essex

Alan Brooks was killed at his pub, the Clydesdale in Loughton, Essex.

He was dragged from behind the bar and frog-marched into the car park where he was attacked by an armed gang with machetes on 16 July 1991.

He was also the landlord of the Gunmakers Arms pub in Chester Road, Loughton.

He had only been the landlord of the Clydesdale pub for a fortnight when he was murdered.

It was thought that the murder was over a drug deal.

It was also suggested that the murder had been in relation to an incident a week earlier when Alan Brooks had barred some people from entering the Gunmakers Arms pub.

A man was arrested for his murder in June 1994, but no charges were made.

He was a former international boxer and had two children.

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