Unsolved Murders

Terry Gregory

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 28 Dec 2003

Place: Albion Pub, Woolwich Church Street, Woolwich

Source: www.standard.co.uk

Terry Gregory was stabbed to death outside the Albion Pub, on Woolwich Church Street after a row at a bus stop over an umbrella.

He was stabbed nine times.

A 69-year-old man was tried twice for his murder but the jury was unable to reach a verdict on both occasions. He was first tried in April 2004 and then later in November 2004.

Two years after Terry Gregory's murder his brother Billy Gregory was also murdered.

Terry Gregory had been out on 27 December 2003 celebrating Christmas with some friends and was taking the bus home at 1am on 28 December 2003. When he and his friends reached Woolwich, Terry Gregory picked up an umbrella that had been left at the bus stop which was said to have belonged to one of the man who was tried friend's. However, it was said that when the man tried to take it back there was an argument between them.

Fifteen minutes later there was another confrontation near the Albion pub and Terry Gregory was stabbed. The 69-year-old man also received injuries to his hand.

Terry Gregory's girlfriend said that she saw Terry Gregory and the 69-year-old man in deep conversation and then saw the 69-year-old man hit Terry Gregory several times in the chest.

In court the 69-year-old man said that he took the knife out to scare Terry Gregory and his friend off when they attacked him for a second time and that after the fight he had seen Terry Gregory walking off with his girlfriend. He said that he did not think that he had stabbed either of them. In court he said 'I'm not a murderer, I'm not a killer. I'm an honest person, I'm a good person.'.

However, neither jury were able to arrive at a verdict.

Terry Gregory's mother said after the trials 'This man was not found guilty or not guilty, and now we are denied any type of justice. It is a disgrace. Everyone in the community is in uproar. No one can believe what's happened, even the police are shocked. We will not be letting this go. I would like a change in the law so this can never happen again. A man walks out of court having stabbed my son nine times, he has admitted in court to carrying a knife and is now free to do it again.'.

Terry Gregory worked at Eltham Leisure Centre

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