Unsolved Murders

Diane McInally

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 15 Oct 1991

Place: Pollok Park, Glasgow

Diane McInally was battered to death in Pollok Park, Glasgow, near the Burrell Collection.

Diane McInally had been working as a prostitute at the time and had been using drugs.

It was said that she was so disfigured that she had to be identified by her fingerprints.

She was last seen getting into a car in Cadogan Street, Glasgow, part of the red-light district there, on 15 October 1991. However, it was later suggested that there had been a number of people in the car, including someone that she knew and trusted.

Two men were charged with her murder in March 1992 but there was insufficient evidence to try them.

One of the suspects was later convicted of another killing and sentenced to eight years, but later died from liver damage in 2010. It was said that shortly before he died, he admitted to having been with Diane McInally some hours before she died and having argued with her but denied that he killed her.

It was also reported in 2017 that the other suspect was also dead, apparently dying within a few years of Diane McInally's murder.

However, it was later suggested that they were just dogsbodies whose names were given to the police to deflect attention from other people with more power that had been involved.

One theory was suggested that Diane McInally was murdered because she had been due to be a key prosecution witness against a man suspected of being involved in a major drugs operation.

It was also suggested that she had information about a murder that a gangster had committed and that she was killed to stop her from talking about it.

The police said that during their investigation they interviewed over 500 men, including a sheriff, two ministers and three priests.

It was thought that Diane McInally might have been murdered elsewhere and then dumped in the park.

Diane McInally's murder was noted as having been the first in a series of eight prostitute murders in Glasgow over the next 14 years.

At the time of her murder, the makers of the TV detective series Taggart, who had been due to film in Pollok Park at the time, had to switch filming from there to some other place after Diane McInally's body was found.

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