Unsolved Murders

David Cauchi-Lechmere

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 11 Jul 2009

Place: Henry Addlington Close, Beckton, East London

David Cauchi-Lechmere was stabbed outside a party.

Nine people were tried for his murder at the Old Bailey but were acquitted.

He was found by the police at 3.15am after a disturbance outside a house that had had a party. He was taken to hospital but later died at 4.05pm.

He died from a stab wound to the heart.

David Cauchi-Lechmere had been with a group of friends from Bow to the party. However, tensions rose between his group and another group from Beckton. The police were called out at 2.40am but soon left. People then called minicabs to go home but people started fighting and a taxi driver was attacked. David Cauchi-Lechmere's group then chased the group from Beckton away. However, the Becton group returned armed with knives, sticks, branches, a hammer, a pair of shears and an axe and chased David Cauchi-Lechmere's group away.

David Cauchi-Lechmere was chased and caught outside a house where he was stabbed four times in the chest.

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