Unsolved Murders

Ray Henry

Age: 17

Sex: male

Date: 19 Oct 1990

Place: Halfway House, Daisy Meadow, Acton

Ray Henry was stabbed to death by a gang at the Halfway House in Acton.

It was said that there had been some territorial disputes between gangs from Southall and Acton and that on 19 October 1990 the Southall Boys gang decided to go to Acton to fight the Acton gang.

They were said to have met up in Daisy Meadow near the Halfway House pub armed with baseball bats, meat cleavers, petrol bombs and pistols and to have then gone to the Halfway House where there was supposed to be a regular dance club on, but it had by chance been cancelled and when they went in there were only a few youths from Acton there.

The youths then fled but were chased by the gang and Ray Henry was caught and beaten to death.

Thirteen youths from Southall and Greenford were later arrested and charged with riot and violent disorder. Three men admitted the charges, but the rest were acquitted after the judge said that the prosecution had not proved its case.

No one was charged with Ray Henry's murder.

Ray Henry had lived in Barry House on the South Acton Estate.

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